ThreeSixFive: The Truth about Blessings

The simple truth about blessings is that a lot of times they do not come as we expected it. As we go into this new year with resolutions, goals and to do lists, we have to take heed to the fact that God does not work the way we work. We see the world through our lens while God is the cameraman and sees the full picture. While we just see it from our perspective, God can zoom in and out, and focus on specific things.

One of the biggest blessings I received in 2020 was a home. When my husband and I got married, his grandmother gave us her home. We moved into that home as soon as we got married and I was happy for a moment because I was happy we had our own home. As time went on, I began to see what was under this blessing: mice, mold, old furniture, leaks. This home needed to be updated badly. There was a time period we even had to move out for a few months because there were issues that we couldn’t find the root of and it was causing issues to our health.

My husband and I began to demolish everything. I did not want to even begin doing anything. We didn’t have the money needed for it and I just wanted to buy a move in ready house instead. We even began looking at homes. For whatever reason, Probably that we could not afford a new house, we just said we will do what we can with the house so that we can live in it, even if it is temporary. We got things on sale, shopped second hand, we did a lot of things ourselves.

Through all the improvements, We ran into a lot of issues. One day we had a flood because my husband forgot to turn off the main water line while fixing a wall, and the entire ceiling got so wet from the the water on the top floor , that it all came down. The crazy thing is when the ceiling came down, it completely missed me, my sister, and my husband. God looked out for us the entire time. We even got blessed from others, such as my grandmother buying us a vacuum and a light fixture, my sister buying us gloves, and tools, and my in laws giving us a thousand dollars to help towards everything. It took over a year, but we made everything beautiful. We did not get to tackle the basement but we will in due time.

We finished the bulk of house just in time for my dad and his kids to need somewhere to stay so we invited them to live with us for a few months.  We were blessed to be a blessing and we didn’t have to live paycheck to pay check had we ended up buying a new home when we weren’t even ready. 

Truthfully, it is not even the blessing that I am thankful for. I am more thankful for the journey God allowed for me to get to that blessing. My husband and I learned new skills. We got to spend time with each other. We learned how to solve issues. Our marriage got stronger because even when we did argue, through it all we learned how to argue so that it is not detrimental to our marriage. And everyday I wake up In a home I am even more thankful for had we ended up buying a new home because I see the fruit of our hard work. I remember the blood, the sweat, the tears, and how God Carried us through it all. 

During that time period God gave me a scripture to remember: 

The lord is my Shepard, I lack nothing He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides quiet waters. He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows. Surely, goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the lord forever. Psalm 23:1-6 

Remember this year that you will lack nothing, even when it seems like you are, you are not. The blessing may not always come as expected but it comes. God provides , and if he isn’t providing what we think we need, He is more than enough. Remember that it is only God that refreshes your soul. Not stones, not a relationship, and not money. Remember that this year He will guide your path if you let him. And even if you are walking down a dark path, He is beside you leading you out of it. Remember that God’s goodness, mercy and love will follow you every day this year. 

So, the truth about blessings is that the way to the blessing is sometimes more of a blessing than the actual blessing. Even when it does not seem like it when we are in the midst of it. We do not know what the future holds, or what 2021 will hold especially having seen the year we just went through but we must remember to Cherish the road God has us on, and be more grateful for the giver than the gift. God never promised a life without hardships. He never promised that 2021 will be a year without issues, but there will be blessings through it all and sometimes the hardships end up being the blessing. 

2 thoughts on “ThreeSixFive: The Truth about Blessings

  1. In Nov. 2011 my eye dr. told me I needed cataract surgery (in both eyes) as soon as possible. I knew my eyesight was growing worse; I didn’t think it was that bad. I was scared of the thought of surgery, uncertain how I would afford it, etc. Out of that time of uncertainty came many blessings, which still amaze me when I look back on it. God provided.


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