ThreeSixFive: Why is Spending Time with God so important?

Why is it important to spend alone time with God? 

During times of my toughest seasons, what helped me the most was my moments I spent until 3 or 4 am worshipping , reading the word or praying. I spent so much time with God because I truly had nothing better to do and I knew nothing else would make my situation better but Him. The times that I spent the most time with God praying, worshipping, reading, were some of the greatest times of my life. 

I had the most revelation, I had the most prophetic dreams, I felt so close to God even though I was my most broken. 

Through those low moments, I learned to create a lifetime habit of spending time with God. I lose touch sometimes but I feel the weight of it. I can feel my heart heavier, I feel lost, and I feel empty.

I was reading Mark and I came upon a scripture that stopped me in my tracks. I honestly couldn’t even read anymore because I was truly stopped at this scripture in awe. 

Mark 4:34 “He [Jesus] did not say anything to them without using a parable. But when he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything.” 

Mic Drop. 

All my questions answered within one scripture. 

Although so simple, it felt like I found a gem within the sand. All the answers are given to us but it is not until we spend alone time with God that it is explained. 

So there is the logos word which is the actual Bible. Then there is the rhema word which we get from prayer and worship and taking time to sit before the lord. So this walk with God takes two feet. One foot in the Bible and then one foot with personal time with God. We cannot fully understand the word until we come before the lord and allow him to bring it to its fullness. 

Many Christians try to do this walk with God one footed and we only get but so far. Many Christians try to do this walk with God with no feet , and they’re stuck. We must WALK daily , meaning we step one foot in the Bible daily and one foot with Personal time with God daily . That’s how we get further with God. 

This is how we GROW . 

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